Earn a Good Deed with Car Donation in California

What does car donation mean?

If you are looking to get a new car and sell your old vehicle, a better way is to opt for car donation in California. It is a good practice to donate your car to a nonprofit organization and be part of a charitable act. Another benefit of donating your vehicle to charitable organization is that you get a tax reduction as well.

How to Donate

It’s easy to give car donation in California. There is a form to be filled to first register with a nonprofit organization. Filling up of online forms makes these processes easier than before. The second step is to settle a time when your vehicle can be picked up from your location. In the last step, the car is taken without giving you any hassle; the proceeds of the whole thing then would help a child, people with disabilities, vocational challenges or a needy.

Benefits of Donation

Donating a car would give you tax reduction while some organizations also offer vacation vouchers or gift vouchers. Moreover, your vehicle is picked up and towed by the company acting as the intermediary or the NGO itself; this saves you time and the worry. It also saves you the headache of trying to get the right profitable deal for selling your car or other automobile; which also bails out the time and money usually spent on advertising for car selling. More or less, all the NGOs accept vehicles even if they are not in workable/running condition. Not a bad deal I would say.

Only a Click Away

Car donation in California has become quite an easy process, especially with all the organizations available with their details on the internet. It is all about one click to find which NGO or car donation companies offer the best service.

Guide To Car Donation In California

Car donation in California has become an increasing practice these days, with people donating their vehicle to the non government organizations they believe in. Donating a car is also a productive way to dispose off or recycle a junk car and simultaneously contributes immensely to the well being of hapless members of the society.

There is no limitation on the type of car to be donated and generous donation, be it in any form is highly appreciated. People donate their Car, Van, Trucks, Motorcycle, SUV and even their boats. This car donation is not only an incredibly fast way of charity, but also caters in supporting good-will programs aimed at assisting countless people suffering from disabilities and facing vocational challenges.

Let’s study the process of car donation in California.

The Donating Process

The donating process is a highly simple one. Call your preferred charity and tell them to pick your car. Almost all charities come and pick the vehicle for free. You can also ask them where to drop your car in case you want to. However, the uphill task is to select the right charity amidst plethora of charities attempting to scam the innocents.

First Step in This Direction

The IRS has advised donators to consider these points before they hand over their vehicle to the charity organizations.

  • Thoroughly research about the charity
  • See if this donation will give you a tax benefit
  • Check the value of your car
  • Inquire about any additional responsibilities that you might have to bear as a donor
  • Determine how the donated vehicle will be used?

Find A Charity

Here, I would suggest the simplest way to find a charity and that is via Forbes ranking which details America’s 200 Largest Charities. For some charities, Forbes has shared their financial details as well, that will inform you further about your charity.

Cancel Plates And Tags

Laws for cancelation of plates and tags vary from state to state. Few states do not ask for any formal notification whereas others might want the donor to surrender his vehicle’s license plates beforehand to the DMV. In the case of car donation in California, educate yourself with the relevant laws and act accordingly.